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What Is ByteFence Anti Malware and How Can I Uninstall?

Is ByteFence anti malware Safe? - Although, there is various existing anti-malware software and we know that every software available in the market are uniquely made, which scans multiple areas of the system and also, have various detection engines. Therefore, the scan results of different software will always vary.

By the way to How do I remove ByteFence from registry? you can even click here and get to know about it in detail.

We would recommend you for the best one. Well, you are in the right place for your doubts “ITL Anti-Malware” is the best software for your desktop. It serves you the best Anti-Malware services for your Complete Windows Security.

When there is a point of protecting your PC from dangerous threats, you wouldn't believe that ITL Anti-Malware adds up a fantastic punch. It crushes all threats from the roots.

ITL Anti-Malware performs the following operations:

Firstly, it detects if any malware exists in your PC.
Secondly, it eliminates the next-gen malware.

ITL Anti-Malware is one of the best anti-malware tools and developed as an alternative for any Antivirus which deep scans every edge of your PC.

ITL Anti-Malware adds up the super exciting features within it.

It profoundly scans your PC to detect any malicious software that is running on your PC. It creates a shield to block all threats like Trojan, Worm, Ransomware, Adware, Bots, Spyware, Rootkit Trojan Horses, that your PC remains malware free.
It removes all infected files and keeps a record of all the malicious programs that are deleted. It provides you with the option to choose when and what important programs to restore later.
But, if you still got puzzled in choosing the best software for your PC, this article will give you some highlights regarding the reviews provided by the companies and users for other anti-malware tools.
We are listing here a few of them:


AVG Antivirus considered as one of the best free antivirus software we examined. It is a safe choice if you only need basic necessary malware protection and don't want to pay for any advanced features, or you can use it as a second layer of protection.
AVG Antivirus doesn’t use browser extensions. It uses pop-up notifications to let you know when a site you’re trying to access is dangerous.
It makes the software a user-friendly since you don’t have to perform any extra steps to be secure from online risks.
Sometime, AVG might display a lot of pop-up ads to entice you to purchase other AVG products and download the free removal tool.
It signifies that you need to keep a sharp eye on the pop-up notifications, which are easy to miss if you’re not watching for them. It can sometimes slow down the speed of your system.


Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition links excellent execution and malware protection with a fuss-free approach to security. Bitdefender Antivirus detects and kills malware with near-perfect precision.
As Bitdefender Antivirus is not costly. It's a safe and secure anti-virus program that scans for unwanted files and activity on your computer.
Bitdefender Antivirus works against all e-threats like viruses, worms, and Trojans, to ransomware, rootkits, and spyware. Your data and privacy are safe.
But, yes there are a few more steps in Bitdefender’s download and installation process that other antivirus programs don’t require.
These extra steps don’t make installation more challenging but may be frustrating for users who want to scan and protect their system quickly.

Spybot-search and destroy

Spyboy anti-malware and or we can say an anti-spyware search for any suspicious activities running on your PC and then kill it. It ideally helps in diagnosing any existing infections.

  • It is easy to use.
  • It contains booster tools.
  • It slows down the updating and scanning speed.
  • It carries a piece of limited information about threats.
You all must be familiar with ByteFence anti-malware tool and if not. Here you go.

What is ByteFence?

ByteFence is considered one of the legitimate and safe to use anti-malware suites. But, recently ByteFence anti-malware started distributed as a 'bundle' with other software (bundles the software that usually installs and makes changes without the consent of the user) and now falls under the category of the potentially unwanted program (PUP).

Is ByteFence safe to use?

Recently, we went through ByteFence reviews and the reviews say:

Review 1: According to many users, they really prefer ByteFence software, but remaining considers it as a malicious program (PUP) because everyone is facing the same issue of "Bundling."
Bundleware or “Bundling” of the software includes a new computer, hardware, or another software program. This bundled software is included without any cost to the user and is used to promote the software with demos of the original program. In a few cases, it may be full versions of applications, but often are test programs that expire.

Review 2: According to Antivirus Companies “ByteFence usually installs as third-party software and modifies browser settings by allotting their homepage.” Overall, it is acting like a PUP for them.

Once it gets through your PC one have to suffer from various symptoms:

It might slow down the scanning speed.
It might not detect all browsers that are on the PC.
It might not be able to destroy all the existing threats from their root.

After going through these reviews, we hope there still will be a doubt in your mind about its safety.
Well, ByteFence is not really safe to use and you should know why?
ByteFence initially promoted as an anti-malware software. “When many antivirus companies detected it as Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP). They targeted it as a backdoor for other malware”. A malware is a software or a program designed to interfere, damage, or gain unauthorized access to your PC.
So, while you still stand and wait for your turn to eliminate the threat, act quickly and uninstall Bytefence.
For those who are still a part of ByteFence and unable to uninstall/ remove or any suspicious extensions related to it. Please follow the below steps for the removal of ByteFence extensions from different web browsers:

We are providing you the manual method to uninstall it from your PC via “Control Panel.”

Here are the steps to uninstall ByteFence using “Control Panel.”

Step 1: Open Control Panel.

Step 2: In the Control Panel window, find an option for "Programs" > click on "Uninstall a program" option.

Step 3: On the next page, select the program/ software which you want to uninstall and click on Uninstall button.

Step 4: Click on “Yes” button if you wish to uninstall the program.

Step 5: This will remove your program from your PC.

Here are the steps to remove ByteFence redirect extension from Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox.

Here, are the necessary steps to remove ByteFence extension from various browsers names Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, all the removal steps for the same are listed down, please follow them accordingly:

A) Google Chrome

Step 1: Open “Google Chrome” main menu, click to the “Settings” option.
Step 2: Drag down the page to the bottom > select Advanced link option.
Now scroll down the page until you get the option for Reset settings and press the “Reset settings to their original defaults” button.
Step 3: Click the “Reset” button, to restore settings to their original defaults.

B) Internet Explorer

Step 1: Initial phase is to launch “Microsoft Internet Explorer” > Click ‘gear’ icon.
(It will navigate you to the drop-down menu on the top-right corner of the internet browser > go to “Internet Options” and click it).
Step 2: In the next window of “Internet Options,” select the “Advanced” tab, > click the “Reset” button.
(Microsoft Internet Explorer will open “Reset Internet Explorer settings” dialog box > press the “Delete personal settings” check box to select it > click the “Reset”).
Step 3: Once the operation gets performed > click the “Close” button.
(Reboot your PC for the system changes to take place. This step will help you to restore your web browser’s default search provider, new tab and start page to the default state).

C) Mozilla Firefox

  • Launch Firefox > press the menu button with three horizontal lines shown at the top right corner of the web-browser screen > click on “Help” option at the bottom of the drop-down menu. It will display the slide-out menu.
  • Select the “Troubleshooting information” If you can't access the Help menu, then type “about support” in your address bar and press Enter.
  • Click the “Refresh Firefox” button at the top right of the Troubleshooting Information page. Select “Refresh Firefox” in the confirmation prompt.
  • Firefox will automatically initiate the process to fix issues.
  • After completion of task > click the “Finish” button.

Well, It’s not only about the “ByteFence,” there is various similar software that might be providing you the best anti-malware services.

But, on the other hand, you must not be aware of their primary goals behind getting controls on your PC. No doubt, ByteFence is considered as one of the best antimalware tools; it has satisfied many of its users in the past but, now acting as malicious software.

What do you think about ByteFence?

If it's difficult for you to decide which is the best fit for you, then you can go for the automatic installation of this antimalware to remove such type of malware from your PC.

Isn’t it amazing to know about it?

Install it from the link mentioned below: 

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